Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor (she/her) is a lifelong Great Falls resident and first-time blogger. Best known from such hits as, “Please let Queer people have equal rights” and “Maybe billionaires should pay taxes,” Jasmine is often categorized as a bleeding-heart idealist. In addition to caring about shit, Jasmine is also a graduate of the University Of Montana (MA Public Administration) and the University of Providence (BA Psychology, English).

Helena Lovick

Helena Lovick (she/her) is a long-time resident of Great Falls Montana. She accidentally loved science too much and got her PhD in chemistry from the University of Washington. Now she’s back in Montana, where her name strikes confusion in the hearts of many. “Is it Helen-uh? Just like the capital? Am I saying it right?” Yep, it’s pronounced just like the capital. Helena is an active volunteer and works to support progressive policies through community organizing and education.

Lela Graham

Lela Graham (she/her) is a Veteran, a Certified Recovery Coach and for the last 3 years has been the Montana State Lead for the Recovery Advocacy Project. Lela is a person in long-term recovery and is dedicated to bringing awareness and decrease the stigma for those in recovery from substance use disorder.  Also, a Graduate of University of Virginia (BA, Interdisciplinary Studies).

James Bamfield

James Bamfield (he/him) has been a resident of Great Falls for a little over three quarters of his life. Avid Ghostbuster fan, and supporter of the community, James was bought on board to keep the site running for the writers. James is an active member of several communities in town, and helps wherever he can.