Jasmine Taylor (she/her) is a lifelong Great Falls resident and first-time blogger. Best known from such hits as, “Please let Queer people have equal rights” and “Maybe billionaires should pay taxes,” Jasmine is often categorized as a bleeding-heart idealist. In addition to caring about shit, Jasmine is also a graduate of the University Of Montana (MA Public Administration) and the University of Providence (BA Psychology, English).

Helena Lovick (she/her) is a long-time resident of Great Falls Montana. She accidentally loved science too much and got her PhD in chemistry from the University of Washington. Now she’s back in Montana, where her name strikes confusion in the hearts of many. “Is it Helen-uh? Just like the capital? Am I saying it right?” Yep, it’s pronounced just like the capital. Helena is an active volunteer and works to support progressive policies through community organizing and education.

Ken Toole Headshot

Ken Toole is a fifth generation Montanan. He graduated from highschool in The Bitterroot Valley. After graduating from the University of Montana he moved to Helena, He is a founder of the Montana Human Rights Network and The Policy Institute, a progressive think tank focused on energy and economic policy. He served in the Montana Senate for six years. He was Chair of the Energy and Telecommunications Committee and vice chair of the Tax Committee. He also was elected to the Public Commission and served as the vice-chair. He retired from public service and bought land outside of Cascade and built an off- grid farm/ranch there.