Abortion is still legal in Montana – Let’s keep it that way!

In Great Falls, multiple pro-choice grassroots groups have sprung up. Nearly daily protests have taken place on 10th Ave. South and the Central Ave. West Bridge. The people are outraged, as they should be!

Helena Lovick

July 8, 2022


Anti-Abortion Movement. . . a history of violence

Here in Montana anti-abortion protesters routinely surrounded clinics. Women attempting to use healthcare services were threatened and harassed by anti-abortion activists. Many people volunteered to escort them through the protest lines to assure women were able...

WTF 406 Staff

July 6, 2022


The Return of the Coat Hanger

The fact is, I would have died rather than stay pregnant.

Jasmine Taylor

May 8, 2022


So, you’re losing your fundamental human rights…

What the Funk have current Great Falls Elected Representatives been doing to strip away our fundamental human rights?

Helena Lovick

May 5, 2022