N@zi Kicked Out of Bozeman Gym

N@zi Kicked Out of Bozeman Gym

An out-of-state NeoNazi named Christoper Pohlhaus finds himself without anywhere to get his pump on. After learning that Pohlhaus has  been frequenting a local Bozeman gym, What The Funk reached out to the business. It appears we weren’t the only folks to voice concerns. By the time the business responded, poor Mr. Pohlhaus was no longer a member of the facility. 

Some might question if it’s wrong to target Neo-Nazis to limit their access to society’s little pleasures. Short answer- Fuck no.  Long answer- Neo-Nazis are violent and they preach violence. They venerate Hitler, and seek the extermination of groups they hate. It is not only okay to exclude them from public life, it is necessary. Actions have consequences. Threatening minority groups is never acceptable, and one way we push back is by creating social and economic consequences for such behavior. This resistance is intended to make it harder for Neo-Nazis to spread their hate and violence. 

Further, businesses operate for-profit. It is to their benefit to have policies and procedures that prevent liability. Every business should have measures in place to protect their customers and employees from discrimination. That surely means not allowing in a Neo-Nazi who has a well documented history of threats and harassment, including screaming slurs at people, to use their facility.

In their response, the gym also noted that Pohlhaus has left the area. We can’t confirm this information, but heartily hope it to be true. Montana has no room for Nazis.

Read about Polhaus’s prior NeoNazi activity here: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/neo-nazis-florida-march-1234817532/



Gallatin R’s Call Us “Peasants” In Unhinged Fundraiser Invitation

Gallatin R’s Call Us “Peasants” In Unhinged Fundraiser Invitation

The Gallatin County Republicans has caused quite a stir with an invitation to their annual fundraiser dinner. You may have already seen it circling online. If not, we’ve included it below.  We think this invitation pretty much speaks for itself.

Read the Democratic Party’s response here: https://www.montanademocrats.org/news/mtgop-calls-hundreds-of-thousands-of-montanans-peasant-families

Luna Coffee Targeted In Homophobic Tirade

Luna Coffee Targeted In Homophobic Tirade

“If you are a God fearing, truth loving person, do not patronize this place.”  Beware, dear reader. The Queers are out to get you caffeinated. The cat’s out of the bag. Shortly after stealing the rainbow from God, the LGBTQ+ community moved on to the next logical step, creating safe spaces in the form of coffee shops. We want to supply you with that extra pep in your step you need to sin. 

Lucky for all the God fearing, truth loving people out there, Luna Coffee has finally gotten their comeuppance. One man is on a mission to protect the people of Great Falls from the gay agenda (iced coffee and board games) and he is sending a LOT of emails.  He’s also calling, leaving messages, and review-bombing Luna on google and yelp. This dude REALLY hates gay people, and he definitely doesn’t want to drink their coffee.

A few favorites from his correspondence include his assertion that, “I have heard this establishment is “lgbtq” owned. 2024 is going to be different for you.” Why is “lgbtq” in quotation marks? Are you implying we aren’t real, like Santa Claus and the trickle-down economy? Honestly making me feel ethereal, and I like it.

Later, he writes, “Do NOT ENDORSE sexual perversion and degeneracy in the public square!” What I like here is the phrase “in the public square!” Feels like a real throw back. This man wants to put someone in the stocks and he is not afraid to show it.

In his One-Star review written under the name “Mr Sonoranbird” he asks, “What side of the conflict of this insidious ideology will you be on?” Fair question. As a bisexual, I refuse to choose sides. 

I can confirm that Luna Coffee is indeed an LGBTQ+ owned business. (I am sharing this with permission, which should always be the practice!)  Last time I checked, they had an extensive tea and coffee menu, but no visible Gay Agenda anywhere. Rather, Luna is a local business that contributes significantly to our community, both as an employer and as an accessible community space. 

It’s easy to dismiss people like “Mr Sonoranbird” as stupid. Often well-meaning folks suggest that the recipients of discrimination should shake it off, not let it affect them, don’t even respond. But that’s not how it works. It doesn’t stop discrimination, and it doesn’t acknowledge the very real effect these kinds of messages have on people.  The truth is, messages like this often escalate into real world danger. Along the way, they make people feel unsafe and unwanted. One-star reviews can indeed drive down business, and could ultimately result in jobs lost.

Community means protecting one another from shit like this. So let’s not dismiss this. Instead, let’s show Luna Coffee some support.  Here’s what I’m asking. Over the coming weeks, make an effort to stop by Luna Coffee. Try something new on the menu.  Snap a selfie, send it to us, and we’ll compile them to share in an update. Leave Luna a good review. Help us further the gay agenda of creating a community that stands up for one another.  

N@zis Deface Montana State University

N@zis Deface Montana State University

The Nazi propaganda that has plagued Great Falls over the past year turned up in Bozeman earlier this week. Montana State University has confirmed that NeoNazi stickers were placed throughout the campus, but their response leaves a lot to be desired. MSU did not take any steps to notify students of the event and seemingly did not put any measures in place to provide safety for affected students, claiming that no safety risk was identified. I can’t help but wonder if Jewish students at MSU share this view. 

You can read the full story about MSU here: https://dailymontanan.com/2024/01/05/montana-state-university-hit-with-white-supremacist-nationalist-stickers-and-posters/

The Big Sky Active Club has seemingly taken credit for the propaganda at MSU. This group is closely affiliated with White Lives Matter, with a handful of pathetic White dudes participating in both groups. White Lives Matter is the NeoNazi group that has been distributing similar materials in Great Falls.

Most recently, White Lives Matter shared a video of themselves placing White supremacist materials in Great Falls Public Library materials. Great Falls’ response to this event was far stronger, more supportive, and  more effective than what we’re seeing from MSU. GFPL and the YWCA launched the “Hate Has No Home Here” campaign, making signs available at both locations. Although Great Falls is not out of the woods yet, there have been no reports of further propaganda since the campaign was launched.

Read more about the campaign here: https://www.montanarightnow.com/great-falls/local-library-launches-hate-has-no-home-here-campaign/article_71df091c-9577-11ee-9156-8f14c6a8c61f.html

While we remain hopeful that a strong community response will prevent further incidents, we also want folks to know what to do should they encounter these materials.  Check out this article from last year to learn how to remove Nazi propaganda:


So remember, Great Falls friends, don’t be like MSU. If YOU see Nazi propaganda, don’t stay silent. Stand up for our neighbors and speak out against hate. We’re a better community when we look out for each other. 


The Oldest Hatred; Antisemitism Visits the Montana Legislature

The Oldest Hatred; Antisemitism Visits the Montana Legislature

Recently Great Falls Republican Senator Jeremy Trebas was challenged by the Montana Jewish Project, the Montana Human Rights Network and WTF 406 for sharing an antisemitic post on his  Twitter feed. Trebas has so far declined requests to apologize but did take the offending post down.   Please see related WTF406 post for more information: https://wtf406.com/2023/12/trebas-fails-to-apologize-for-anti-semitic-tweet/

Antisemitism is on the rise nationally and here in Montana. Unfortunately, the rise of the current right wing and the intrusion of conspiracy-driven  political activists has brought antisemitism out of the back rooms and increasingly into the political mainstream. Donald Trump leads the way with repeated comments which trade in antisemitic tropes, from wealthy Jews (George Soros) to accusing “liberal Jews” of voting to destroy America and Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which tracks antisemitic incidents reports that in 2022, there were 3,697 antisemitic incidents across the United States. This represents a 36% increase from the 2,717 incidents recorded in 2021 and is the highest number on record since ADL began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979.  

In the last session of the legislature, Rabbi Ed Stafman’s scheduled prayer opening the day’s legislative session was canceled at the last minute without explanation by Republican House leader Matt Regier.  Stafman, who is also a legislator, was replaced by a Christian delivering a Christian prayer. Stafman said from the house floor that he felt he had been “shut down,” because “I’m not a Christian or delivering a Christian prayer.” He would not lead a prayer, it turned out, for the rest of the session.  https://forward.com/news/547677/montana-lawmaker-rabbi-invocation-prayer-legislature-ed-stafman-legislature-house/

House Speaker Matt Regier refused to respond to numerous questions about canceling Stafman’s invocation.  Several weeks later, Regier published an editorial about the incident explaining why the action was not antisemitic . The focus of Regier’s response pointed to several bills which were pro-Israel. For the record, many Jews do not support Israel’s policy in a number of areas, such as Netanyahu’s effort to “restructure” Israel’s court system and, of course, Israel’s bombing in Gaza. But the conflation of Israel’s political stances and the interests of Jews worldwide is a staple of American right-wing politics.

Most Christian Evangelicals strongly support Israel, because their “end times” theology requires that Israel’s political boundaries be reestablished to what God promised the Israelites according to the Bible,”  Polling shows that 80% of Evangelicals believe that the creation of Israel in 1948 was a fulfillment of biblical prophecy that would bring about Christ’s return. If you have wondered why so many Evangelicals support the sinner in chief, Donald Trump, it is the same belief that he is fulfilling biblical prophecy. It is no surprise that Regier ended his editorial explaining why he is not antisemitic by saying, “May God continue to bless Israel and may God bless the United States of America.”  A Jewish man at a community meeting in Hamilton put it succinctly, “Republicans love Israel.  They just don’t like Jews”.

Biddick is Temporary Hire to Run Elections Office

Biddick is Temporary Hire to Run Elections Office

Back in February we wrote about our concern that newly elected Clerk and Recorder Sandra Merchant was hiring election denier political cronies who knew little about administering free elections. Those concerns were prompted by Merchant’s first hire, Devereaux Biddick, who apparently had little relevant experience or related education. Biddick was among the signers of a petition presenting a list of demands to the Cascade County Commissioners, which included requiring all voters in the county to “re-register,” banning all electronic voting, banning mail in ballots, and requiring all ballots be counted in one day. It was hard for us to imagine then, and now, that people who advocated these changes, most of which are either impractical or illegal, could be considered qualified to hold positions in the elections office.

We were also concerned that hiring Biddick was a precursor to more crony hiring. Since that time, two family members of Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinocci have been hired, along with others who had signed the denier petition. The below is from our article back in February.

“Is This Just the Beginning?

The fact is that recently elected County Commissioner Grulkowski and Clerk and Recorder Merchant, who have worked extensively together on their election denier mythology prior to being elected, have now offered a full-time permanent position to a friend of theirs who worked on the same effort. Biddick could be just the beginning of Sandra Merchant’s opportunities to move her cronies from the election denier crowd into government jobs at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. The election supervisor job will be open thanks to Deroche’s resignation. In addition, the office has traditionally hired additional temporary employees to help during the election cycle.”

We began this article by pointing out that this kind of cronyism is illegal. Specifically, the Governmental Code of Fair Practices prohibits discrimination in government employment based on political beliefs. If any of the unsuccessful applicants for the position decided to file a complaint under that law and won, we would all get to pay for the insider dealing of our newly elected county officials. We’ll stay tuned and keep watching.”

Now, Biddick is being hired to run the elections office on a temporary basis while the County Commission is developing a position description and opening the position. She will also receive a 15% raise. We can see the need to have someone filling the position, but we can only hope that this time around the county will have an open and transparent process for filling the new election administrator position. See our full story from last February https://wtf406.com/2023/02/clerk-and-recorder-staff-changes-is-new-hire-a-political-crony/