Editors Choice: Der Führer Cometh

Editors Choice: Der Führer Cometh

By: James C. Nelson, Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret).

Have you ever thanked God that you never lived Nazi Germany? Well don’t  get off your knees just yet; you might still find out what that was like. 

Donald J. Trump is straight out of fascism’s, central casting: think Hitler (who  Trump seeks to emulate and whose speeches he quotes), Bolsonaro (whose legacy  and tactics he endorses), Orbán (who he endorses and who is the darling of the reactionary GOP and Fox News) and Putin (with whom Trump is bonded). 

If elected, Trump intends to be America’s first dictator in the mold of the  foregoing authoritarians or “strongmen.” 

Trump (along with Steven Miller, and other lickspittles and sycophants) has  openly proclaimed his plans for America if he’s elected President in 2024. Indeed,  his formal plans have names–Project 2025 and Agenda47—and come complete with  a 920-page policy book from 400+ contributors, orchestrated by the right-wing  Heritage Foundation. 

Specifically, here’s a summary of what Trump has in store for us: 

Hiring and training an army of 54,000 loyalists ready to hit the ground on  inauguration day, to be appointed to government jobs and positions vacated  when the civil service, administrative agencies, FBI, DOJ and intelligence  agencies are purged of Trump’s enemies;  

Establishing concentration camps to hold aggressively rounded-up,  unauthorized immigrants, pending their deportation by the “millions each  year;” 

Placing loyal military officers over social engineering and non-defense  matters including climate change, critical race theory, and manufactured  extremism; 

Invoking the Insurrection Act, on Trump’s first day in office, and declaring  martial law so as to use the military against political opponents and unrest and  protests on election day;

Criminally prosecuting those designated by Trump for “retribution,” and  “revenge” including President Biden and his family, Democrats, and former  cabinet, staff, military officers, and public officials deemed “disloyal” when  he was President; 

Politicizing the federal civil service and undermining laws aimed at  preventing corruption and cronyism; 

Totally controlling federal agencies that presently operate with a great deal of  independence, with all reporting directly to Trump; 

Ending separation between the White House and the DOJ that prevents  presidents from using prosecutions for political purposes; 

Dehumanizing political opponents, by, for example, referring to them as thugs  and “vermin;” 

Gutting the Justice system and firing career prosecutors; 

Gutting the National Security and Intelligence apparatus; 

Requiring local law enforcement agencies to use controversial stop and frisk  practices; 

Banning travel to and from Muslim countries;  

These plans have been openly and defiantly proclaimed by Trump. Indeed,  his vitriol and promises, coming from a candidate for the highest and most  powerful office in the free world, are without precedent. 

Trump, who gives all the appearances of being mentally deranged and  paranoid, functions on the basis of only three premises: (1) will it make me look  good?; (2) will I make money doing it?; and (3) will it allow me to seek revenge  and retribution on my enemies?. He has no concern for political norms or  customs; he has no concern for the rule of law; and he has no concern for our  Country, its citizens, its institutions, its government or its Constitution. He is a  pathological liar. He promises be judge, jury and executioner; a law unto himself  alone. He promises to be America’s dictator-in-chief. 

In the 2024 presidential election we will have two choices: vote for democracy  or vote for Trump. 

If you vote for the latter, stay on your knees and practice your one-arm salute. Sieg heil!

Editors Choice: Grulkowski’s Lies Feautred in New York Times

Editors Choice: Grulkowski’s Lies Feautred in New York Times

Today’s County Commission meeting saw heated discussion of Commissioner Rae Grulkowski’s performance, or rather her failure to perform. Grulkowski is finishing a the remaining two years of a six year term which was originally held by Jane Weber.  The puppeteer behind the inane ventriloquist dummy that is Sandra Merchant, Grulkowski has thus far spent her time in office acting as Merchant’s body guard. At public meetings, Grulkowski has prevented Merchant from answering questions, and even tried to stop public comments that were critical of Merchant. It’s no surprise that Grulkowski, like Merchant, is a conspiracy theorist. In fact, she got her pollical start by spreading lies about the proposed National Hertiage Area. The damage she did to our community was so unprecedented and severe that the New York Times featured her in their article “Where Facts Were No Match For Fear.”

From the article:

“Ms. Grulkowski had just heard about a years-in-the-making effort to designate her corner of central Montana a national heritage area, celebrating its role in the story of the American West. A small pot of federal matching money was there for the taking, to help draw more visitors and preserve underfunded local tourist attractions.

Ms. Grulkowski set about blowing up that effort with everything she had.

She collected addresses from a list of voters and spent $1,300 sending a packet denouncing the proposed heritage area to 1,498 farmers and ranchers. She told them the designation would forbid landowners to build sheds, drill wells or use fertilizers and pesticides. It would alter water rights, give tourists access to private property, create a new taxation district and prohibit new septic systems and burials on private land, she said.

None of this was true.”

You can read the entire article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/24/us/politics/montana-misinformation-national-heritage.html

The New York Times put it best when explaining that Grulkowski and her ilk are “divorced from reality”  a condition which has clearly impacted her ability to function as a County Commissioner.

E City Whiners

E City Whiners

The Blog Formerly Known as E-City Beat Should Change its Name to E-City Whiners

For years the blog formerly known as E-City Beat pushed right-wing propaganda with a healthy dose of personal attacks on anyone they didn’t agree with.  But, when WTF406.com began responding and pushing back, E-City Beat writers Phil Faccenda and his pal Rick Tryon began whining and complaining.  And like the bullies they are, they have combined whining with a healthy dose of chest thumping.

The most recent example is their attack on the Election Protection Committee (EPC), which is a volunteer group formed because of concerns about our new Clerk and Recorder, Sandra Merchant.  She  is not only an election denier with a political agenda but is also incompetent at running elections.  There are already two lawsuits filed against the county because of errors she made.  In addition, a judge ordered the county to provide a monitor to oversee the library mill levy election, and Great Falls Public Schools has requested the County Commission hire a professional election administrator and take the election duties out of the Clerk and Recorder’s office. 

None of that concerns Faccenda and Tryon.  The reason, as near as we can tell, is that they simply don’t like the people involved in The EPC.  They ignore the fact that former Clerk and Recorder Rina Moore and her staff were constantly harassed by the election denier crowd prior to the election.  They ignore the fact that virtually all of the staff in the office have been replaced by Merchant’s political cronies (including Randy Pinocci’s wife and daughter). Their recent article on the Election Protection Committee is full of misinformation, slurs and personal insults.  Here’s an example from Faccenda’s latest article: “EPC is simply a group of self-appointed vigilantes who view politics as a blood sport where lying, cheating, and stealing are parts of their modus operandi.”   Wow! Faccenda is welcome to his opinion and his vitriol, but he apparently doesn’t see the irony in his complaints about people expressing opinions he doesn’t like.

If this was just a one time thing, we wouldn’t bother to write this post.  But Faccenda and Tryon have also attacked WTF406.com repeatedly.  Mostly because of their long standing vendetta against one of the writers for WTF406, Jasmine Taylor.  Faccenda writes in his recent article, “The Chairperson of EPC is the infamous Jasmine Taylor, who is well known for perpetrating dirty tricks against people and organizations that don’t reflect her wacko leftist views.”  

We provide you with this link to Jasmine’s blog post challenging Faccenda’s and Tryon’s attack on a school board candidate back in May of 2022.  ”After E-City Beat’s bizarre, ill-researched, and oddly sexualized attack on a school board candidate, I’m sitting here considering when (if ever) it is appropriate to discuss a political candidate’s penis. Before last week, I’d have easily said, ‘Never.’ This couldn’t possibly be relevant to a local election.” Yet, after E-city Beat clearly spent significant time staring the candidate’s well, package, it seems the conversation is at hand.”  https://wtf406.com/2022/05/the-staggering-hypocrisy-of-e-city-beat/

Faccenda and Tryon are not used to getting challenged, which WTF406 has done repeatedly and consistently.  So now they are whining about their free speech rights. No one, including WTF406, has challenged their right to spew Tucker Carlson’s talking points and other crap in their blog. Ironically, the Elections Protection Committee and WTF406 are simply exercising their right to free speech.  But Faccenda and Tryon are so busy whining they can’t see their own hypocrisy.  

Updated! Citizens Identify Nazi Arrested in Missoula

Updated! Citizens Identify Nazi Arrested in Missoula

Yesterday a group of NeoNazis demonstrated outside of the Chabad Jewish Center in Missoula. As usual, they carried signs with racist messages, preaching White supremacy and hatred towards refugees. Their clear intent was to intimidate and threaten the Jewish community in Missoula.

There are multiple NeoNazi organizations in the northwestern United States, and this particular demonstration brought in some out of town guests. (I use the term “guest” loosely. These assholes were certainly not invited, nor are they welcome in our state.) The small group of incels were soon outnumbered by counter protestors whose video documentation was quickly shared on Twitter. [We’re not gonna call it X. Fuck Elon Musk. But I digress.]

Citizens were quick to identify one Nazi who lives in Washington. Larkin McIntyre, a White man of below-average intelligence and terrible fashion sense, was seemingly arrested. Although booking information is not yet available, those in attendance note that the Nazis moved their protest from the Jewish Center to the courthouse. Larkin allegedly had a weapon, which, spoiler alert, is not allowed on courthouse property. Photos of Larkin’s arrest are included below.

Why, you ask? Because now that Larkin has visited Montana, we want to be sure that his employer knows what he’s been up to. Larkin works for the Shoreline School District. Although Larkin certainly has a right to free speech and protest, typically breaking the law is not a protected activity. Further, it is of grave concern to allow a White supremacist contact with students. Larkin potentially poses a safety risk to any student that falls within his wide umbrella of hate, to include: Jewish people, LGBTQ+ people, refugees, and all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Basically, if you aren’t a straight, White guy who hates his neighbors, Larkin and his cohorts are a danger to your safety.

We’ve emailed the Shoreline School District to inquire how they’re assuring student safety while employing a known Neo-Nazi, and if there are any rules which prohibit staff from engaging in unlawful activity. Read our email below, and maybe consider sending one of your own to express your concerns.

The email reads:

“To: [email protected][email protected][email protected]

Good evening,

 The attached photos have been circulated widely on social media. They appear to show an employee of your school district, Larkin McIntyre, being arrested. McIntyre was participating in a Neo-Nazi rally in Missoula, Montana. Arrest information is not yet available, but counter protestors have reported that after harassing people at the Chabad Jewish Center of Missoula, Larkin and the NeoNazi group moved their demonstration to the courthouse. Some attendees claim that Larkin was seen with a weapon, which is illegal on courthouse property, and potentially prompted his arrest.
Our blog, which covers local happenings in Montana, is running a story about this Neo Nazi activity. As such, we have a few questions.
Firstly, what protections are in place for students and co-workers that interact with McIntyre?
Although employees certainly retain their right to free speech and protest, does the school district have any policies which preclude staff from engaging in unlawful behavior?
Are school district employees and parents aware of the potential safety risk McIntyre poses to any BIPOC, LGBTQ+ Jewish, or non-White students and staff?
Please note that we are not asking for any protected employee information regarding McIntyre. We have already received information (attached) showing the employment relationship between himself and the Shoreline School District. Rather we are asking what steps the district is taking to assure the safety of those affected by NeoNazi ideology, and what policies and procedures would apply to a situation in which a school district employee is arrested.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have as to this request. If there is a more appropriate party to provide this information to, we would request to be provided that contact information as well.

Thank you for your time.

What The Funk 406 Blog Team”


UPDATE 10/24/23

We received the following response from the Shoreline School District

“Hi Jasmine,
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We take allegations of discrimination seriously, including thoroughly investigating the allegations and taking appropriate steps to ensure that the District is safe and welcoming for students, staff, and community members. While the District has a general policy of not commenting on particular personnel matters, the District is responding and taking appropriate action.
Thank you,”

Response received by WTF406 from the Shoreline School District.


WTF406 sent this email to Shoreline School District.

In this photo shared across Twitter, it appears McIntyre is being handcuffed and detained by Missoula PD.

McIntyre was quickly identified by citizens who shared his photo across social media.

Election Denier Suggests Shooting Voters

Election Denier Suggests Shooting Voters

Last night the Great Falls Election Deniers hosted a large event with “Dr. Frank.” Frank is a well-known election denier who, along with his bff Mike Lindel (the My Pillow guy) is being sued for fraud. Frank continues to push the conspiracy theory that Trump won the 2020 election, a lie that has been disproven again and again in numerous court cases. Most recently, Rudy Giuliani lost two defamation cases for pushing lies about voter fraud.

Before Frank’s presentation, Sandra Merchant, Julie Bass, Jan WeNaas, Richard Wolke, and Mike Sheer met to discuss their plans for voting in Cascade County. They parroted Dr. Frank’s lies and expressed their intent to move to “Amish voting” which requires all paper ballots, no machinery whatsoever, and hand counting of said ballots within twenty-four hours. The idea that this group of conspiracy theorists could accurately tally tens of thousands of votes in a mere twenty-four hours would be laughable if the intent wasn’t so nefarious.

The event itself featured a “presentation” from Dr. Frank which was not only filled with falsehoods, but also encouraged violence. Throughout the presentation, Frank painted himself and the election deniers as righteous figures, using a “David and Goliath” analogy. Ironically, the Goliath they hope to overthrow is our Democracy. Amid calling for election deniers to “rise up” Frank gave a direct call to violence.  One slide read “What to do when antifa comes top your town” and the next slide showed a semi-automatic weapon. Frank went on to urge attendants not to call 911 or the sheriff’s office, but rather to grab their guns when confronted by peaceful protestors.

As an organizer of peaceful demonstrations outside of the elections office, I have serious concerns about the Clerk and Recorder and her staff promoting an extremist who literally suggests that they shoot us. This is overt voter intimidation with a clear intent to infringe upon our First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly. Sandra Merchant, Dev Biddick, and Julie Bass were all in attendance at this meeting, and not a single one spoke against Frank’s call to shoot voters who oppose them.

Sandra Merchant and her followers, many of whom are members of the Republican Pachyderm club, are but one group of extremists that are making Great Falls less safe for all of us. As I wrote about last week, the NeoNazi group White Lives Matter has blanketed our downtown with nazi propaganda. They, too, encourage violence against anyone who opposes them.  So, while many of us are locating and removing nazi stickers, our very own Clerk and Recorder is hosting gatherings calling for the murder of political opponents.

In a recent interview, Great Falls Senator Steve Fitzpatrick suggested that Democrats in Great Falls are simply too extreme. And yet it seems our Republican officials are the ones embracing violence.

So, tell me, voters, is this what you were hoping for when you elected Sandra Merchant?

If so, it’s time to update our welcome signs.

Welcome to Great Falls, where the Clerk and Recorder just might shoot you for trying to vote.

Around 100 people gathered to listen to election conspiracy lies.

Read about Giuliani’s recent loss here: https://www.npr.org/2023/08/30/1196875212/judge-finds-rudy-giuliani-liable-for-defamation-of-two-georgia-election-workers

Read a comprehensive overview of Frank’s presentation here: https://dailymontanan.com/2023/08/30/election-denier-douglas-frank-presents-conspiracies-in-great-falls-meets-with-elections-officer/

Read about the nazi vandalism here: https://wtf406.com/2023/08/neonazis-vandalize-downtown-great-falls/



NeoNazis Vandalize Downtown Great Falls

NeoNazis Vandalize Downtown Great Falls

Mere days after celebrating beautiful new murals in downtown Great Falls, residents and business owners awoke to find a very different addition to the scenery. Over the weekend, White Lives Matter plastered an estimated 200 stickers throughout town. Stop signs, traffic lights, and even art installments were vandalized with racist propaganda. 

What is White Lives Matter?

White Lives Matter (WLM) is a neo-nazi organization of insecure, unsuccessful white men who hate anyone different than them. In typical nazi style, you’ll hear them denying the Holocaust, advocating for the eradication of Jewish and LGBTQ+ people, and claiming their skin color makes them superior to all other races. In reality, you’ll find these are mostly men who have prior domestic violence charges that have never gotten around to accomplishing anything positive in their lives. Instead, they spend their Saturday nights covering their faces and riding around on bicycles, defacing public property in an attempt to recruit other desperate losers.

We at WTF, along with many friends in the community, have spent the week locating and removing these stickers. However, White Lives Matter activity has only increased in the past few years, and it’s very likely that you, dear reader, will come across this sad propaganda as well. So today we bring you:

The WHAT THE FUNK Guide to Removing Nazi Propaganda

Step 1:  Gather your supplies.  

You’ll need: A Paint Scraper, Gloves, Goof Off Graffiti (available at Aces Hardware), A Step Stool, and a Trash Bag

Step 2: Grab a friend and go for a walk!

Nazis tend to post their stickers on locations like art installments, utility boxes, and the backs of street signs. Take a stroll through the neighborhood. Turn it into a game. Whoever finds the most propaganda gets a prize. Remember, it’s safest to do this during the day, and with a friend if possible. Nazis typically only come out at night- probably because they knew they’ll get their asses kicked otherwise.

Step 3: Document and Remove 

When you find a sticker, note the location. Take a picture or throw the cross streets into your notes app. Then, spray that sad bullshit with the Goof Off Graffiti. Wait a few seconds, then presto-chango, you and that scraper just restored a Stop sign to its former non-racist glory.  Here’s where your trash bag comes in.  After you scrape off the sticker, throw it away. We don’t want to litter while fighting white supremacy. If you choose to post pictures of the stickers, be sure to obscure the QR code and the contact information for their message boards. They use these stickers to recruit new members. We don’t want to give them any more reach by sharing that info.

Step 4: Report that shit

The State of Montana chooses not to track these kinds of incidents. (Crazy, right?) But there is an organization that does! The Montana Human Rights Network has a report form. The link to that form is at the bottom of this article. While you’re there, check out their rapid response guide for great info on how we fight assholes like White Lives Matter.

And that’s it!  You’ve cleaned up your neighborhood and you’ve helped stop the spread of nazi ideology. Congratulations- you’re antifa now!