If you follow Jasmine Krotkov (@JKrotkov) on Insta, you’ll see a Montana gal through and through. You’ll find her snowshoeing in subzero weather, or perhaps cutting and stacking her own firewood to heat her self-built, underground home through the winter. If she were the type, she could enjoy a lucrative career as an off-grid influencer. Luckily, she’s decided to keep fighting for things that will benefit her neighbors in Great Falls. Nobody does more voter contact than Jasmine Krotkov. Nobody. That’s how she knows what to do in the legislature – just what her constituents tell her.

It’s no surprise then that Jasmine Krotkov’s politics are largely focused on the practical. She’s not one of those politicians who shake their fists and yell, Rather, she’s working behind the scenes to assure that county roads are funded, snowplows functioning, and people are able to go about the business of life. This is the community-minded kind of politics that doesn’t garner much (if any) media attention. It’s the Get Down To Business attitude that drove her to build her own house, grow her own food, and keep her community moving forward. And it’s one of the reasons I trust Jasmine Krotkov to represent us – all of us – because she listens to us, and then speaks truth to power.

Krotkov’s work has always garnered trust from her neighbors. As a former postmaster, Jasmine braved all manner of weather to keep her community connected. She also served as the editor for the National Association of Postmasters, a position which introduced her to the intricacies of working with both state and federal government in a uniquely non-partisan capacity. 

I know that Republicans would have you believe that Democrats are a monolith. But in Great Falls, that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why I think it’s important to note that Jasmine and I haven’t worked together on anything, ever. I wasn’t even sure she’d accept my request to answer some questions for this article. I’ve always viewed Jasmine’s platform as very moderate. Not only do I think she would agree, but I think there’s a tremendous need for folks like her in our House. I decided to approach Jasmine for this story after hearing her speech at the Democrat’s Fall Dinner. With an even tone and understated confidence, Jasmine talked about the growing divide between the Have and the Have Nots. 

 I think Krotkov’s speech is best presented in its entirety. And, let’s be honest, it’s damn good. So I’ll let Jasmine speak for herself here.

“I’m running for office because I want to build a society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

When I was growing up, I was taught that If I worked hard, played by the rules, I’d succeed. Its not the same for Montanans growing up now. Young people today work just as hard as my generation did, but they   just.  can’t. get. ahead.

 They work hard, but in our economy, the rules don’t apply to everyone equally. Some of us have been pushed to the back of the bus. Nowadays only SOME people are able to access decent health care, childcare and housing, not everyone. There’s no excuse for that in the richest nation ever to exist. One of every eight people in Montana lives in poverty.

 Only SOME people in Montana get access to public lands for hunting, fishing, hiking, recreating or studying. Only SOME of us get to vote. Those are Policy choices, not personal failures. Our state legislature is building a class-based society of haves and have nots.

My opponent tried to pass a law that would de-fund fire departments, in favor of his own personal business. Apparently, he wants to be a HAVE MORE.  My ancestors immigrated to America because they got a belly full of that junk back in the old country. Aristocrats and peasants. In America, we’re supposed to act like all people are created equal. Instead, our state legislature is enacting laws based on a distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism. Laws that relegate some of us to the back of the bus.

Its not about who’s left and who’s right, its about who is left behind”

 Its clear that Jasmine knows her district, and the struggles of her neighbors, intimately. No matter who you are, Jasmine Krotkov will fight for you. Now, let’s fight to send her to Helena.