Tryon Continues Obsession with Local Woman.

If there’s one tax credit I can claim every year, it’s the one I get for living rent-free in Commissioner Rick Tryon’s head. Tryon, like many an aging Republican, has a long history of...

Jasmine Taylor

December 21, 2022


Tryon Walks Back Support for Safety Levy

"That potential 191% tax increase? It’s certainly not a myth, and it's likely only the beginning of a huge increase in spending.

Jasmine Taylor

December 18, 2022


Republicans Abandon Extremist Blog

Last week, far-right blog E City Beat was seemingly shocked to discover that nobody considers them a legitimate news source. The blog’s history of unethical and misleading “reporting” is too numerous to list, but...

Jasmine Taylor

September 6, 2022


E City Snowflakes

After attempting to downplay the number of participants, claiming only a dozen or so were present, E City was quick to block and delete comments from anyone that disagreed with them. In typical bully fashion, E...

Jasmine Taylor

July 16, 2022