By K.T.
After our recent post on the support for legalization of recreational marijuana,  a District Court in Great Falls handed down a decision on the lawsuit filed against the city by the owners of Green Creek Dispensary seeking to open a shop within the city limits of Great Falls.  The city refused their application, and they filed a lawsuit.

On Tuesday, Judge David Grubich handed down a decision in the case, ordering the City of Great Falls to issue a permit which would enable the plaintiffs to open a shop. The Montana Free Press quoted from the decision, “the cultivation and sale of adult-use cannabis [are] authorized by state law within Cascade County, including within the City of Great Falls.”

Unfortunately the decision is probably a moot point.  This comes just weeks before the vote on a local ballot measure to prohibit sales within Great Falls city limits.  Voters should be aware that the ballot measure is very poorly written.  A vote for the measure is a vote to prohibit marijuana sales.  We hope the wording of the ballot measure is the result of incompetence rather than intent to confuse voters.  If you SUPPORT recreational marijuana in Great Falls, you will want to VOTE AGAINST the ballot measure.