On Wednesday,Sept 6th, Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinocci was arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court to respond to a ticket for disorderly conduct he received in an incident on July 5.

Pinocci was issued the citation for “quarreling, challenging to fight, or fighting, namely by getting in (alleged victim’s) face and bumping chests during an argument and yelling.” In typical Pinocci style, he said he was unfairly accused and pointed out that he is too fat to bump chests with anyone, because his belly is too big.  (Really! Can’t wait to see if he does a reenactment if he goes to trial.)

Not surprisingly, Pinocci says he did nothing wrong and the whole thing is a big mistake.  His lawyer, Ben Reed of Helena, explained that Pinocci failed to appear in court, as requested twice, because he was at scheduled meetings with constituents.  KT

For the full story: https://dailymontanan.com/2023/09/12/pinocci-arrested-released-on-misdemeanor-disputes-validity-of-court-warrant/

Randy would like us all to think that he was so busy doing his job that he couldn’t make a court appearance.  WTF406.com is well acquainted with how hard Pinocci works.  We published this photo of him “representing his constituents” in a hearing before the PSC back in April 2022.