In 2017, in Las Vegas, a man decided to convert his firearm with a bump stock to allow him to rapidly fire over 1,000 bullets in 11 minutes into a crowd at a music concert. That mass shooting, in the endless stream of mass shootings in America, may have stood out to you because that coward murdered 60 people and wounded more than 850 people in those 11 minutes. 

The vast majority of Americans support common sense gun regulations

The majority of Americans support common sense laws to prevent and reduce gun-related deaths like that horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. Time and time again, the Republican extremists in our Congress and state legislatures bow down to the gun lobby and refuse to enact any reasonable measures to stop this insanity. But surprisingly after that mass shooting in Vegas, the Trump Administration issued a federal ban on bump stocks.

Our hijacked Supreme Court of the United States Doesn’t Care

But this June, the Supreme Court of the United States has struck down the Trump era law banning bump stocks

SCOTUS says 60 people murdered in 11 minutes is not fast enough. We gotta have more bump stocks.

If nothing else, let this ruling open your eyes to the fact our Supreme Court has been hijacked with right wing extremists completely divorced from the will of the people. And you can lay the blame for that (and the fall of Roe v. Wade, and so much more) at the feet of convicted felon and former president Donald Trump. Because of Donald and his Republican enablers, the three Supreme Court Justices he appointed have shifted the balance of the court so they can make these right-wing fever dream legal interpretations. 

Nobody is coming to save us — we have to save ourselves

We have to dig our country out of this mess and right now we can’t rely on an entire branch of our government to do it. 

Let’s continue the calls for court reform and vote for people we can work with to stop and repair the damage. And hey, even conservative Justice Alito noted that Congress can change the law. Democrats are calling a vote this week. Will Republicans do the right thing or will they line up in lock step with the gun lobby again?