An Open Letter to Rick Tryon

An Open Letter to Rick Tryon

Dear Rick,

We read your rather curious demand for a correction from the Tribune regarding recent distribution of hate flyers in Great Falls. Specifically, your assertion that the error is:

“The attempt by the Tribune to invent a false flag, manufacture a bigoted anti-trans smear where none exists, and then try to falsely piggyback it on an actual, dangerous distribution of hate literature serves no one.”

Assuming there was a factual error in the Tribune’s coverage, we are curious to know what facts you have that the Tribune is part of a “false flag” conspiracy.  If you don’t have any basis to make the charge that the Tribune’s error was intentional (or even existed), maybe you should correct your article on E-City Beat. 

It’s a good thing that you recognize that “dangerous distribution of hate literature serves no one.” Unfortunately, you and E-City Beat seem selective about your editorial choices, most often parroting talking points from far-right media sources and accusing local officials of corruption and self-dealing. Not surprisingly, these articles are long on rhetoric and short on facts.

What E-City Beat and you decide to publish is up to you.  But, as a local elected official, we encourage you to be more accurate in your public comments and less vitriolic in your rhetoric about those you disagree with in the community.

WTF Staff