Lola Sheldon-Galloway Brings Bill on Behalf of Convicted Felon, Militia Group Leader

Lola Sheldon-Galloway Brings Bill on Behalf of Convicted Felon, Militia Group Leader

Bart Crabtree, a Great Falls citizen, was previously convicted of stealing $5000 from a girls softball team. Now, Great Falls Representative Lola Sheldon-Galloway has introduced a pair of bills-  HB 405 and HB  589- seemingly at Crabtree’s urging. These bills seek to create “citizen grand juries.” This type of vigilante judicial system has long been popular among anti-government militia groups like the Freemen. Before their famous armed standoff with the FBI, the Freemen frequently held citizen grand juries, attempting to charge several Montana officials with imagined crimes, and sometimes even calling for their execution. Lola’s bill is so extreme that former Republican Governer Marc Racicot has spoken out against it. Read his opinion here:

Why is Lola Sheldon-Galloway bringing forth bills on behalf of Crabtree and anti-government militias?

Lola and her husband, Representative Steven Galloway, have thrown their support behind the extremist militia group known  as Tactical Civics. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s no “civics” to be had in this far-right organization. Rather, this group is another extremist militia seeking to use force to overthrow Democracy. Steven and Lola previously held a fundraiser for this militia group at one of their many commercial properties. Read about their militia-fundraising here:

Where does convicted felon Crabtree come into all this? 

Crabtree is heavily involved in Montana’s local chapter of Tactical Civics. Creating citizen grand juries is a major organizing point of the group. Crabtree has been busy giving presentations to local Montana chapters of Tactical Civics pushing this agenda. Therefore it appears that the Galloways were knowingly raising money for a militia group, led by a man who embezzled money from a local softball team. Classy, right? HB 405 is a Constitutional amendment, making the stakes even higher. Montana voters do NOT need to incorporate dangerous anti-government mechanisms into our renowned and respected State Constitution. 

Montana’s Legislature is a Citizen Legislature- meaning that our Representatives are supposed to be regular working class folks whose full time jobs are in the community, not at politicians. As the Galloways are million-dollar property barrons, we’ve already missed the mark with electing normal citizens. However, their duty once in office remains the same. The Galloways are supposed to represent US and bring forth bills that will positively affect our community. While Great Falls is facing a housing crisis, low wages, and soaring utility costs, both Reps have spent this session ignoring their voters. Interesting then, that Lola has taken the time to introduce TWO bills devoted to helping Mr. Crabtree.

Everyone should be alarmed to see our Reps pushing a radical militia agenda. If conservatives like Marc Racicot are saying to be scared, you know shit has gotten bad.