Hello and Welcome!

We’re new to the blogsphere, but some of you know us already. Maybe you’ve
asked us questions at a debate, held a sign next to us at a protest, or screamed
obscenities at us from your car. No matter how we’ve met, we’re happy to see you
again too.

We’re Great Falls locals working to change our community. We can’t do that
alone! We’ll be posting every week, covering all things local. Levies. Libraries.
Litigation. Lounge music. No LuLaRoe though. We draw the line at MLM scams.
(Ignore that message from your high school friend. It’s a trap.)
Join us for informational and only slightly satirical weekly updates so you can keep
track of What The Funk is happening in Great Falls.

Jasmine, Helena, and the What the Funk Team