E-City Beat✔ Whining Again

I don’t read E-City Beat✓ much.  But it has come to my attention that Phil Faccenda, one of the writers for that blog, took offense to a recent post I wrote about some guy with a huge “Fuck Biden and Fuck you for voting for him” banner on the front of his pickup at a crowded public campground on the Missouri River.  https://wtf406.com/2024/06/nice-afternoon-with-my-grandson/

At first I thought that Phil’s problem would be the fact that we had posted a photo of the offensive banner with the word “fuck” on it.  A reasonable assumption given E-City Beat✓’s consistent support for censorship at the library. But it turned out that wasn’t the problem at all.  Phil said he thought the posting was hypocritical, because our blog had used the word “fuck” in some of our postings. 

So, apparently, in Phil’s mind, placing a large banner saying “Fuck Joe Biden and Fuck you for voting for him” in a public campground with lots of people around (including little kids) who have no choice but to look at it, is somehow the same as using the word “fuck” in an on-line blog which readers have to seek out and is privately owned.  Seems like quite a stretch to me but, as I read the whole posting he wrote, it became apparent that his real problem is Jasmine Taylor and Helena Lovick. They are two young women who also write for our blog and have a long history of challenging Phil Facecnda and Rick Tryon, the editors of E-City Beat✓.

To bolster the circular logic of his argument, Phil provided a list of posts written by Jasmine and Helena.  He obviously spent a lot of time going through our blog.  Fine with us.  It just gives us more exposure.  

But the whole episode leaves me wondering. Does Phil have no objection at all to this kind of public display?  What if a bunch of Trumpers decided to park their banners at Gibson Park or The City Water Park?  How about in the 4th of July Parade?  In his effort to take a shot at the WTF406 Blog, he left common sense and logic far behind.