By K.T.

Notice the Republican yard signs on 10th Avenue South?  Have you noticed that they are almost all in front of casinos, low rent motels and empty lots?  Have to wonder what’s up with that.  So, we took a minute to look a few things up. 

Researching ownership of commercial property is tricky business since many owners create different legal entities to hold property and because the named owner may have little control over the property.  With that said, here is a list of the casinos. Palace Casino, Cash Out Casino, Player’s Casino, Cash Out Gold Casino- (this one is owned by Buttrey Realty. Yes, that Buttrey).  The motels are The Western and Plaza Inn (both owned by Metha Mukesh)

One must wonder why these are the only businesses with big bunches of Republican signs on 10th Ave South.  Could it be that these businesses know that Republicans carry their water in the legislature?