Who Needs Truth When You Can Sensationalize?

Earlier this week, KMON Radio decided to share “BREAKING NEWS” about the transfer of Reverend Jeff Wakeley to a new church. Rather than do any research or follow basic tenants of journalism, KMON opted to sensationalize this transfer.  KMON wrote that they were “unable to confirm” if the transfer was related to the city’s pending lawsuit against First United Methodist Church for helping the homeless. (That sentence is astounding, no matter how many times I type it).  It appears a basic google search is outside of the investigative tools of KMON.  A quick look at the Mountain Sky Conference shows dozens of upcoming transfers. In fact, four-year transfers are the norm. Far from “breaking news,” this transfer is routine. Despite being provided this information, KMON has yet to update their post to reflect the truth of the matter. Perhaps KMON is more concerned with Likes than accuracy? Come on, KMON. You can do better than this.