Representative Ed Hill of Havre strikes again with a tone deaf, ignorant, and embarrassing slew of statements on all sorts of issues at the most recent Hill County Pachyderms meeting. Instead of focusing on local issues that the people of House District 28 really care about (access to healthcare, inflation, infrastructure, funding public education, public lands) the Hill County GOP spent their meeting spouting off Tucker Carlson’s latest conspiracy theories about Public Education. Which is pretty ballsy considering word on the street is some folks voted for Hill for the Legislature in 2020 solely to REMOVE him from the school board.

The question-and-answer session focused on wildly unfounded beliefs about public schools and even calls to eliminate multiple subjects. The idea that public school curriculum needs to be reduced to only the essentials was echoed by Havre City Council President Andrew Brekke. “Reading, writing and arithmetic, forget all the other crap, teach a skill that, as an employer, I can hire, that’s what I want,” Brekke said. The Hill County GOP are clearly interested in children as future laborers rather than children as whole and well-rounded individuals. GOP supporters further  expressed belief in a conspiracy theory that public school is part of a plan to destroy religion and the family.

“Not to talk about conspiracy theories, but people have been planning this for many, many years,” Brekke said. “Part of it is the destruction of families, the destruction of God, all of these things.” As it so often does, comments about religion soon turned to outright lies and bigotry.  The discussion quickly moved to the blatantly false and homophobic idea that children in public schools are being “sexually groomed” a common homophobic and transphobic sterotype about the presence of LGBTQ+ educators and learning material featuring the presence of LGBTQ+ people.

Hill did not push back on any of these ideas. Rather, he tacitly endorsed the discriminatory lies, stating that efforts to groom children in education are wrong and anyone who doesn’t like it can leave the state.”

Instead of calling out these blatant lies, HILL DID NOT PUSH BACK ON ANY OF THESE IDEAS. Read it twice.  The worst part of this whole meeting was the fact that these people said these comments OUT LOUD knowing the press was recording their every word. As a person in leadership I know what it’s like to get misquoted by the media, but I also know that they use tape recorders for nearly every meeting they report at…, no excuse. 

Does the Hill County GOP really think they represent the majority and there would be no pushback? Social Media is currently engulfed by Ed Hill’s current dumpster fire of public comments. Let’s hope voter turnout for Paul Tuss is enough to extinguish it come November 8th. 

For the complete bat shit story, check out the link below from Havre Daily News.

By Lindsey Ratliff
Lindsey is a lifelong Montanan born and raised in the Malt Barley Capital of the World (Fairfield, MT). A Dirt Road Democrat and political junkie, she interned in Sen. Baucus office in 2012 and has been active with local Democratic races since. She currently lives in Havre where she teaches kids how to draw, paint, and discern between facts and bullshit. She is currently serving her 2nd term on the Havre City Council.