When we wrote our first Republican Police Blotter post we didn’t think it would become a regular thing but. . . .

Belgrade school board trustee, Brian Heck has been arrested in a human trafficking and child exploitation sting organized by law enforcement in Gallatin County.  He has been charged with patronizing a prostitute.  Heck has resigned his  position.  Of course School Board trustee positions are nonpartisan.  But during his campaign, the Belgrade News reported that Heck said, “I will have no tolerance for progressive social agendas being pushed on children in the classroom” and that he was a big “parents’ rights” advocate. He also received a $300 contribution from the local Republican Party during his school board race. He only had one other contributor.  We’re going out on a limb here and saying he is a Republican. Correct us if we are wrong.

In other news, on July 12th Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen pled guilty to causing a rear end collision in Helena Municipal Court.  The accident occurred on June 12.  She was cited for following too close.  Arntzen initially pled not guilty but changed her plea.  Someone must have told her that rear ending another person’s vehicle is almost always the fault of the person in the following car.  She was fined $100.

Speaking of Arntzen’s driving skills, in June of last year she pled no contest to passing a school bus with its stop arm extended.  She said she was unaware she had done it.  The video provided by the bus driver clinched the investigation.  Ironic that, in her official capacity, she oversees the School bus safety program for the state.