What do these two men have in common?  Both are bullies. Neither one thinks the law applies to them.  Both believe bizarre conspiracy theories. Both face charges for criminal acts while in office.

Public Service Commissioner Randy Pinocci was arrested last Friday on two charges of witness tampering. Both charges are felonies. Pinocci said, through his lawyer, that he is innocent. 

Back in September, Pinocci was arrested for failure to appear in a dispute with a relative of one of his tenants over a security deposit. Pinocci claimed the whole thing was a misunderstanding. https://wtf406.com/2023/09/more-republican-police-blotter-can-you-believe-it/ 

Pinocci’s second arrest came on Friday, Oct 13th when a tenant, who was also a witness in Pinocci’s existing disorderly conduct charge, asked Pinocci to mow the lawn on a rental property.  The Daily Montana reports that Pinocci responded by text, “For us to continue this relationship, you need to recant your testimony with the Sheriff’s Office,” then continues, “none of these facts that you said happened are true,” and “you’re not allowed on my property until this problem is corrected.”  Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said that another witness said that Pinocci said the same thing in a telephone conversation.

Pinocci’s attorney, Ben Reed, who is also a former attorney for the Public Service Commission, said Pinocci denies all charges.