Here’s a video of Matt Rosendale standing in front of Judith Gap wind mills not turning during Montana’s recent extreme weather event. Matt wants us to know that windmills don’t generate power when there is no wind (duh!).  He explains that is why we can’t rely on wind power to meet our energy needs.  Rosendale and his ilk make the same point about solar power.

What Rosendale left out of his propaganda pitch is the fact that the coal plants at Colstrip were “curtailed” during the same severe weather event, producing about half of their capacity for a week before he posted his video.  He also failed to mention that a natural gas hub in Washington State also went off the line at the same time. 

The reality is that the more different kinds of power generation we have feeding the grid the less likely outages are.  But far-right officials like Rosendale can’t be saying that, because it would be supporting DIVERSITY, and we can’t have that can we?