Beautiful summer day. My 11-year-old  grandson, Rhys, has been visiting for the last week. We decided to load up the kayaks and head to the pond at the Pelican Point boat launch on the Missouri.  After a couple of paddles around the pond with Gramma and the dogs, we decided to head out.  The place was getting crowded.

While I was loading the pickup, Gramma and Rhys decided to walk down to the launch site on the river to use the latrine before the drive home. On a sunny Friday afternoon in June, the boat launch was packed with people coming and going. Families, people fishing, folks dropping boat trailers to pick up their rafts at the end of the float.  Others are putting in rafts and other watercraft to head down river.   There are only three or four campsites here, and this guy was hunkered down in one of them.  Rhys pointed to this truck and said, “Look at that Gramma…and look at what it says on the bottom.”  Guess he wanted to make sure Gramma got the full impact of this jerk’s political message.

So, my questions are, what is this guy trying to do?  Is he hoping to persuade people?  Is he looking for fellow cult members?  Is he hoping to start an argument with some passers by so he can exercise his Second Amendment rights?  Does the Castle Doctrine apply to RVs in public campgrounds?  Actually, I don’t care much. I just hope these people crawl back under the rocks they came from soon.