WTF!!  Can’t Make This Stuff Up

WTF!! Can’t Make This Stuff Up

In case you missed it, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Award has been canceled this year.  The Dwight D. Opperman Foundation announced the cancellation of the award following the announcement of this year’s recipients creating quite a stir. The award was established in 2019 with the help of Justice Ginsburg. It was intended for “women who exemplify human qualities of empathy and humility.”  The award was originally called the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Woman of Leadership Award. The name of the award was changed last year.

This year’s recipients included Elon Musk, Martha Stewart, Sylvester Stallone, Rupert Murdoch, and Michael Milken. Ironically the least offensive name on the list is probably Sylvester Stalone, who has made his fortune playing macho men in the movies.  The rest are either right-wing  ideologues  or crooks.  Oh, and let’s not forget a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.  Way to go Martha!

Julie Opperman, Chair of the foundation said they did not consider “politics” and focused on people who had “have made significant contributions to society.”  Beam me up Scotty!