Mock(ing) Interview with Sandra Merchant

Mock(ing) Interview with Sandra Merchant

What would it look like if Sandra Merchant just came clean about what she really is up to. Maybe something like this.  

WTF406: Thank you for sitting down to talk with us Sandra.

Merchant: No problem. You know, I generally avoid the media, but it seems there is a lot of misunderstanding about what’s happening in my office that I would like to clear up.

WTF406:  Well, why don’t you just charge right in?

Merchant:  Okay and thank you. Let’s start at the beginning.  Everyone knows that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. That’s the big reason I decided to run for Clerk and Recorder. I wanted to do something about that.

WTF406:  You know that most people don’t believe that, and there is almost no evidence to support that claim.

Merchant:  That’s what the woke media wants you to think. Truth is it was stolen using Dominion voting machines, which have secret transmitters in them which enables the Deep State to change votes. We need to get back to the way it used to be. Count them by hand.

WTF406:  Wouldn’t that take a long time? What about human error with a system like that?

Merchant:  That’s just not true. First of all everyone knows that people are better at math and counting than computers– faster too. Human error will be kept out of it, if we only allow patriotic, Christians to count the ballots. Everyone knows these people never make mistakes.  

WTF406:  So what do you think about mail-in ballots? People say that makes it more convenient for people to vote.  

Merchant:  Mail-in ballots have to go. They allow too many people to vote and a lot of them vote wrong.  Donald Trump has been very clear that mail-in ballots were a huge problem in the 2020 election.

WTF406:  But what about here in Montana? Republicans gained a lot of victories in mail-in elections.

Merchant:  Just an elaborate cover. The Libs have made it look like that to give people a false sense of security about mail-in ballots. Give them time and they will use mail ballots to control people and implement their socialist agenda.

WTF406:  What about the Library Mill levy election?  It was all set and approved by the city commission to hold the election on June 6. 

Merchant:  Do you know what they have in that library? Books! Lots of them. And dirty ones too. And they have a lot of strange people in there. It just ought to be shut down.

WTF406: But is it your job to decide what and when things can be on the ballot?

Merchant:  Well, elections matter. I ran for office with the support of a lot of people who know about the secret cabal running our country. I promised them I would reform the elections system to be just like the elections run by our founding fathers. No mail-in ballots and hand counting. We need to get back to the concept that only certain people can vote. Fact is too many people can vote in this country, and I aim to do something about it.

WTF406:  Well! I guess that about says it all.  Thanks for taking time to talk with us.