Montanan Withdraws from Presidential Race?

Montanan Withdraws from Presidential Race?

Montanan Withdraws from Presidential Race?

Did you know former Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton was running for President?  Welp. . .not anymore.  Stapleton announced he is throwing in the towel.  Of course no one knew he was running, so it’s not much of a news story.   

The Independent Record quoted Stapleton when he filed for the presidential race, “We’re more alike than we are different.” Stapleton said. “When you look at the last few years in America, we see chaos, dysfunction, dishonesty, disappointment. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’re better than this.”

Quite a statement since Stapleton ran a Secretary of State’s Office that was the most incompetent and corrupt statewide office in recent memory. He was under constant criticism for self-dealing and corruption.  He was accused of misuse of state vehicles and channeling lucrative state contracts to his political pals (See our related story about Stapleton’s friend Jake Eaton )

After leaving the Secretary of State’s Office, Stapleton embarked on a bizarre effort to become a country western singer.  Not kidding, check it out for yourself.

Take a listen and drop us a note with your review.

The press reported that Stapleton has not announced who he will endorse in the Republican Primary for President.  Who cares?