Supreme Hypocrisy

Supreme Hypocrisy

The Supreme Court of the United States, hijacked by an extreme right-wing majority, continues to attack our long-standing rights and laws. Just last week they overturned affirmative action, limited LGBTQ rights, and struck down Biden’s initial student loan relief plan.

The Court has been plagued by ethical issues, while GOP leaders scheme to steal more Supreme Court seats. But, conservatives say we shouldn’t question the Court’s decisions? Um, no.

Predatory Student Loans

You hear all these stupid arguments to the effect of “if you sign a contract, you have to follow the terms.” As if student loans aren’t predatory as fuck, and they CANNOT BE DISCHARGED IN BANKRUPTCY. That’s right, unlike almost all other business and consumer debt in this country, student loans aren’t typically eligible for discharge in bankruptcy. (You can thank a Republican for that). Let’s get real. Student loans are designed to trap people in a vicious debt cycle for decades if not a lifetime. We are saddling 18-year-olds with near lifetime debt. How is that fair? How is that just?

New York Times columnist, Tressie McMillan Cottom astutely stated on twitter, “Student loan debt cancellation is not righting the borrower’s wrong but admitting the State’s wrong.” Our country has permitted predatory financial practices against students who are simply working towards the American dream. This student loan forgiveness would have righted some of that injustice.

Meanwhile in Montana

On Friday, our dumbass governor tweeted this out after the student loan judgment was handed down:

Ok, cool, cool Mr. Hypocrite. You have a net worth of $205 million, but I’m sure you just work 2000 times harder than the average Montanan.

But we know there are two Americas. One for the ultra-rich like Gianforte and one for the rest of us. For example, when PPP loans came out, it quickly became apparent what it was — a massive wealth transfer to the rich. There was little oversight and up to three-quarters of the $800 billion disbursed of PPP went to business owners not workers.

Meanwhile hypocritical Republicans pretend they are somehow not stealing from working Montanans.

For example, we’ve got a new multi-millionaire in the U.S. Senate race attempting to unseat Senator Jon Tester. Tim Sheehy is the CEO and founder of Bridger Aerospace Group in Belgrade, MT. What does Tim think of PPP loan forgiveness?

Shocked Pikachu face, Bridger Aerospace had a $781,985 loan forgiven!

But we can’t forgive student loans? Give me a break.

Sounds like Biden is looking into alternative ways to get student’s relief. Help is still on the way.