“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”  John F Kennedy, Inaugural Address

Did you know there are only two elected officials in Cascade County who are not Republicans?  All of our legislative seats are Republican, all of the County Commissioners are Republican.  The Sheriff is Republican, The Clerk and Recorder is Republican, The Treasurer is Republican, 

But these Republicans are not your Grandfather’s Republicans.  They are Trump’s MAGA Republicans who are seeking to impose their narrow views on the rest of us.  They want to tell us what we can read.  They seek to limit women’s access to abortion and other reproductive health care services.  They are rolling back the civil rights gains of the 1950’and 1960’s. They are attacking LGBTQI people and opposing efforts to address climate change.  They are even trying to rewrite history to reflect their narrow views.

Now is the time we can do something about it. And no, we are not talking about getting out to vote.  We are talking about putting your name on the bottom line and filing to run for office.  There are numerous legislative seats and one county commission seat open in the next election cycle in Cascade County.  All of them are held by Republicans and most of those incumbents are filing to run for office again. 

The deadline for filing for office is March 11.  We want to get as many reasonable people as possible to run for office.  Doesn’t matter if you file as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent.  We just need normal people who are not promoting the extreme agenda of the far right.

So here’s how to do it.  Just click on this link to the Secretary of State’s Office and follow the instructions.  https://prodcandidatefiling.mt.gov/candidatefiling/CandidateHomepage.aspx 

If you want a little help, these folks can help you.

Cascade County Democrats, Helena Lovick, Chair 

[email protected]

Cascade County Republicans, Eric Hinebauch, Chair  https://www.cascadecountygop.com/contact-us

Cascade County Libertarians, Tony Rosales, Chair, https://www.facebook.com/CascadeCountyLibertarianParty/

You don’t have to live in the district you run in and running a campaign isn’t as difficult as you might think.  The truth is you might not win but you can make a difference by letting these incumbent Republicans know their views don’t represent all of us.  And your efforts in this campaign cycle make it easier to elect reasonable people in the future.