Library Lovers- Call To Action!

Library Lovers- Call To Action!


The city commission will be selecting a library board member at their 7:00 pm commission meeting on Tuesday, June 18. Unfortunately, there is an effort to re-appoint anti-library levy activist, Noelle Johnson, to the library board for a full five-year term.  In a political maneuver last year, former city commissioner, Eric Heinbach, nominated Johnson to finish the remaining term of a departing library board member.  Johnson’s position is now up for a full five-year term appointment by the current city commission.

Not surprising, the anti-levy folks and book banners have bombarded city commissioners with emails in support of Johnson’s re-appointment. If you’ve attended a library board meeting in the last seven months, you must have noticed Johnson’s disruptive behavior and obvious disdain for the library operations. Library board meetings have become so contentious that they have been known to drag on for three hours.


PLEASE send an email to all of the city commissioners supporting Bob Kelly, Sandor Hopkins, and Ashlynn Maczko. This approach gives the commission several qualified candidates to choose from.

Email the entire commission at:

[email protected]  OR individually to:

Mayor Cory Reeves                                              [email protected]

Commissioner Susan Wolff                                 [email protected]

Commissioner Shannon Wilson                         [email protected]

Commissioner Joe McKenney                      [email protected]

Commissioner Rick Tryon                                     [email protected]


BETTER YET, attend Tuesday’s (June 18) city commission meeting at 7:00 pm and speak directly to the commission.

Please voice your support for these candidates IN YOUR OWN WORDS both in your email and/or public comments.


Check out our TikTok call to action here:




Pinocci Dodges Two Felonies, Still A Corrupt Asshole

Pinocci Dodges Two Felonies, Still A Corrupt Asshole

We’ve talked about Randy Pinocci a lot on this blog. If you aren’t familiar, suffice it to say he’s Northwestern Energy’s bestest pal, and he really loves raising your utility bills. His greatest hits include napping during public meetings, acting like a slumlord, and most recently committing crimes via text message.

Montana Republicans get arrested a lot. So don’t be embarrassed if you need a refresher on Pinocci’s wrap sheet. Pinnoci initially had a dispute with a tenant, and he received disorderly conduct charges. Pinocci failed to appear in court, ultimately resulting in Pinocci being arrested at Home Depot due to an active warrant.  

In another keen display of believing he’s above the law, Pinocci then tried to compel a witness (who also appears to have been his tenant) to change their statements to police. Pinocci allegedly refused to refund the witnesses deposit, and even stated in writing that “you’re going to have to recant your testimony with the sheriff’s department.” He got two felony counts of witness tampering for that one, but maybe Pinocci’s onto something here. He can seemingly intimidate witnesses in writing, and the county will drop all but the smallest charges. Despite what appears to be literal written evidence of witness tampering, somehow the county was compelled to “take another look” at the case. Pinocci has to pay a mere $200, and he gets a six-month deferred prosecution agreement. As long as he behaves for six months, then the two felony charges will go away. Maybe being a Public Service Commissioner does come with perks? 

Read the full story and see the court documents here:


U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy Caught Telling a Lie

U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy Caught Telling a Lie

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy has a bullet in his arm. The Washington Post broke a convoluted and confusing news story about how it got there.  The story is convoluted and confusing, because Tim Sheehy has been telling a couple of different stories about how it got there.

Story number 1 according to Tim Sheehy-  In 2015 he was in the parking lot at Logan Pass in Glacier Park.  While putting things in his car, his Colt .45 pistol slipped and fell to the ground, causing it to discharge and hit him in the arm.  He was ticketed by the Park Service and paid a fine.  Now Sheehy says this story was a lie.  

Story number 2 according to Tim Sheehy-  In 2012 while serving in Afghanistan, he was hit by a bullet in the arm.  He says that he doesn’t know where it came from.  He says that he did not report the wound, as is presumably required by the military, because he did not want to  prompt an investigation which could have drug his platoon mates through the mud.  Tim Sheehy says this is the real story.

Jackie Brown over at the Western Word Blog here in Great Falls put it this way when calling on Sheehy to withdraw from the Senate Race: “As I said yesterday, Sheehy should do the honorable thing and drop out of the U.S. Senate race this week. These are not the actions one would expect from a Naval Officer and Navy SEAL. These are not the actions Montanans would expect from a U.S. Senator. To say the least, it’s dishonorable.”

We can’t say it any better than conservative lawyer and Never Trumper, George Conway,  “Let those among you who have not lied about lying about shooting yourselves in the arm in a national park in order to cover up not faking a combat wound—or something like that, I can’t quite figure it out—cast the first stone.”


Another Bad Day For Shady Tim Sheehy

Another Bad Day For Shady Tim Sheehy

U.S. Senate candidate, Tim Sheehy, touts his experience as an entrepreneur as one of the major things that qualifies him for a seat in the Senate.  We’ve already pointed out the irony of the fact that his business, Bridger Aerospace, makes the vast majority of its money on government firefighting contracts.  Now The Montana Free Press is reporting that Bridger Aerospace is “deeply in the red” in a thorough story using Security Exchange Commission (SEC) reports. 

Sheehy Wearing Rose-Colored  Glasses While Pulling Wool Over Investors’ Eyes

While the filings with the SEC clearly show a company in deep financial trouble, with losses of $77 million last year, Bridger Aerospace Investor Relations issued a glowing report announcing record earnings of $67 million in 2023 (while bemoaning the lack of wildfires last year).  The report went on to say it had received record contract awards in 2023, including a $60 million exclusive contract with the Department of Interior. The report also asserts that the company is poised to grow over 80% in 2024.  

However, the disclaimer in the Investor Relations Report says in pertinent part, “Certain statements included in this press release are not historical facts but are forward-looking statements, including for purposes of the safe harbor provisions under the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.”  We’ll save you reading the whole thing because it is quite long containing lots of wiggle words.  Feel free to read it yourself at

Sheehy’s Filing With the SEC Tells a Different Story

The SEC filing begins with a note from the Bridger Aerospace’s own auditors which states, As discussed in Note 1 to the financial statements, the Company has suffered recurring losses from operations, operating cash flow deficits, debt covenant violations, and insufficient liquidity to fund its operations that raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”  

Montana Free Press quoted University of Montana  accounting professor Terri Herron who examined the financial reports as saying, “Management concluded that they may not be around in a year.”  

So Who Is On The Hook if Sheehy Goes Under?  You are! 

Well, actually people who live in Gallatin County. Of course stockholders stand to lose their investment but Sheehy is at risk of violating financial agreements resulting from a $160 million municipal bond agreement with Gallatin County which brought Bridger Aerospace’s long-term debt to $204.6 million.  The bond came with covenants that Bridger Aerospace must have the ability to cover debt with cash in the amount of at least $8 million.  If Sheehy defaults on the bond requirements, it appears Gallatin County could be on the hook.  

Bridger Aerospace said in the annual filing that it is out of compliance with the required debt service amount, and that it likely won’t be in compliance in the next 12 months. At the time of the report, the company apparently had the $8 million in cash but the report stated that it probably won’t in the future, because interest payments of $18.4 million are coming due soon. 

So, What Does It All Mean?

Of course all of this is complicated and confusing, so let us just boil it down a little for you.  Sheehy has a business in which 88% of his total income comes from the government in the form of firefighting contracts.  A big part of the way he has financed his operation comes from a Gallatin County bond offering.  We assume that means a lower interest rate, because they are government issued bonds.  Welcome to  “entrepreneurship” Tim Sheehy style. Step right up to the public trough and proclaim your commitment to private enterprise.  

Final Notes 

In the short time the public microscope has been on Tim Sheehy, he has not measured up.  In the last week he has admitted lying to law enforcement about an old bullet wound, and we have been treated to an inside glimpse of his business ethics. Unfortunately Montana voters don’t seem to care much about ethics, electing Ryan Zinke, Greg Gianforte, Matt Rosendale and Steve Daines, all coming from the cesspool the Republican Party has become. 

This post has been written largely with the information uncovered by the Montana Free Press and reporter Arren Kimbel-Sannit.  Though we did go through the SEC reports and Bridger Aerospace Investor Relations Report, the truth is we wouldn’t have understood most of it without Kimbel-Sannit’s reporting.  

House of Galloway Continues Empire Building With $410,000 State Lease

House of Galloway Continues Empire Building With $410,000 State Lease

Most people in Great Falls know that the Department of Justice Driver’s License Services office relocated to the old Interstate Bank building at 1401 Market Place Drive last year. But they probably don’t know that the building being leased by the State is owned by TJBBPHASEP LLC. Never heard of it? Neither had we. Turns out that the “registered agent” for this corporation is Steven Galloway and the address is Steven and Lola Sheldon-Galloway’s.

The building in question used to be a bank but has been vacant for a long time. The only use it has seen recently has been to host the local Republican Pachyderm Club. We assume the Pachyderms didn’t pay for use of the building since the Galloways are leaders in the Club. The new lease sent the Pachyderms packing to a new location and Galloways with a significant increase in income.The terms of the new lease provides a five year term at $6,900 per month or $82,000 per year. It also allows a 2% annual increase. The term of the lease is five years. Don’t run for your calculator. The total gross income from the lease, payable to Galloway’s shell corporation, is $410,000. Information obtained from the Department of Justice shows that they only considered one other location, which actually cost less per foot, but was eliminated for other reasons. That information also indicates that the Department began drafting the Galloway lease before the final numbers came in from the other bidder.

We have written before about Steven Galloway’s habit of introducing legislation which benefits his business interests. We have also examined the property he and Lola Sheldon-Galloway own around Great Falls.

To be clear, we have no reason to accuse the Galloways of breaking any laws (we don’t have enough information for that). But being in the legislature sure doesn’t hurt when you are in a competitive bidding process for doing business with the State.

It is common for some legislators to introduce bills that help their bottom line. See our article on Senator Jeremy Trebas
But it raises a question. Are they there to represent us or their own pocket books?