Merchant Blows Canvas Deadline

TL,DR? Scroll to the bottom and check out the video breakdown of the shitshow.  Another day, another massive error by Cascade County Clerk and Recorder, Sandra Merchant.  Merchant’s antics today have arguably outpaced her mistakes of the past. But before we get into...

Editor’s Choice: Mary Moe Talks GF Elections Crisis

Mary Sheehy Moe: Foxes and doggies and frogs – Oh my! I struggle to find the apt analogy: The dog that finally catches the bus? The frog that doesn’t notice the water is boiling? The fox in the henhouse? All of the above swirl around the drain of what’s happening to...

E City Beat! Volume 3

Today's musical selection pairs nicely with end stage capitalism. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0kcet4aPpQ  
Widespread Confusion Plagues Election Day

Widespread Confusion Plagues Election Day

The Election Protection Committee released the following statement this evening detailing numerous issues with the Great Falls Municipal Election. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, November 6, 2023 From: Election Protection Committee Municipal Election Problems Raise...

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